Welcome to Your Local Flower CSA!

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website.  Here you will find information about Milk & Flowers, a cut flower CSA in Brush Prairie, WA serving Clark County and Portland, OR. Milk & Flowers is run by the farming duo of Nora Lindsey and Holly Markham.  We grow and arrange flowers for CSA, weddings, special events, and provide wholesale stems to florists. Our flowers are grown just north of Portland, using sustainable farming practices.

If you enjoy cut flowers and would like to have locally grown, fresh bouquets to place around your home, restaurant or bed & breakfast, please contact us.  Or perhaps you would like to give the gift of weekly bouquets to a friend, lover, or family member – that would be wonderful too! Maybe you are getting married and are in need of a custom event package. We are happy to work with you to provide you flowers for any occasion or desire.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Holly Markham- 269 806 6430

Nora Lindsey- 317 408 3430

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